In July of 2012, Communities for a Sustainable Monterey County (CSMC) screened the film ‘Fixing the Future”. It sparked a local effort to start a time bank and hOURbank was launched the following November. CSMC is the fiscal sponsor of hOURbank and our goal is to serve all the communities of Monterey County.

hOURbank is a system of reciprocal service exchange that uses units of time as currency. You give a service to earn time credits. Your time credits can be used to receive any of the services available in the network. The time credits are tracked through a social network software that is accessed on-line.

hOURbank develops networks of shared time throughout the Monterey County area to links individuals and organizations in new ways that facilitate a non-money-based exchange of resources and services.

hOURbank is about people helping people in a system where everyone’s skills are equally valued and where everyone benefits. What do you love to do? How can you share it with your fellow hOURbank members?

Here are just a few examples of services that might be available to members at any given time:

List of services image

View services offered by hOURbank members now.

Learn more about Time Banking


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