hOURbank Exchange that Produced a Website

Hey Hello All,

This is Kimberly Rousseau reporting on a lovely exchange I had with Geoff Shullenberger, a writer who needed a simple professional website for his work.

I spent 4 hours working on my own and two glorious hours with Geoff and his wonderful wife, Charlotte, also an hOURbank member.

Geoff and I sat on their balcony on a warm evening overlooking the marina while enticing aromas wafted through the kitchen window as Charlotte prepared a devastatingly devine dinner of risotto with scorched aubergine (yes, very tasty!) and a sorrel, basil, cress and otherwise completely tangy green yummy salad.

I felt like I was in a happy happy movie. It was splendid.

Here’s the result of our endeavor, Geoff’s website, our timebanking product:

screenshot of Geoff Shullenberger Gets A Website Through hOURbank



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